The Branding and Content Game

It’s a game of Show & Tell. Branding, Content and your customers. This is an update of what AdBrand and VideOh have been busy with over the past few months. Engaging millions and refreshing brands through the psychology of the consumer environment. You know who we are, but may not know how we do ...

How can I get to the right customers?

Sometimes you need to speak softly, in order to make people listen harder. We are story-showers. What does that mean? With a dramatic shift in ‘consumer content consumption’ since the start of this year, you need to understand how to reach them without ‘throwing money’ at adspend. It’s our responsibility to ensure ...

Video Marketing Stats

In a world where reading has become less, yet consumption of data has grown exponentially – we are all learning by sight and visuals.  So we thought lets feed this blog with ‘take-home’ Video Marketing Stats – those bullet point facts which will help any marketeer confidently confirm why videos ...

Social Media Management Is Dead

Finally, Social Media Marketing is Dead. You’ll have noticed over the months or years, that many social media agencies are struggling with the ability to deliver ROI, real results – this isn’t just down to them of course, it’s the ever-evolving algorithms. So, following our accolade as disrupters – we wanted to ...
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