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VideOh is the video production partner for Travall. Here’s what they have to say about Social Media Content.

When researching the future of content marketing and delivering the best content to showcase your business, there are two key elements to consider, quality and quantity – and yes they can work simultaneously (in fact they should do).  However, it doesn’t end there, it goes far deeper, you’ll need to consider the platform you’ll broadcast on, the scheduling, the message, the call to action as well as the most important consideration when creating the content – The Story.  A beautiful photo may not be the best for Instagram and a cinematic scene won’t engage your audience when viewing on a mobile device.

This is where we help, advise, curate and create the right content for your business.  Why are we the experts?  Well, we’ve created over a thousand videos in the past two years, achieved over 500 million organic media impressions and driven awareness to our clients – resulting in customers and revenue – we’ve been told we are the largest producers of content of the UAE, and as we specialise in hospitality, travel, tourism, F&B and customer experiences, we can be confident about our accolade.

Our team were set a challenge to research “What builds loyalty” and in the UAE it’s the one word F&B managers struggle to answer, “is there a formula?”  The answer is “YES“, but that’s our secret recipe.

What Have We Done?

Solved Some Problems

– TIME you may not have any to spare
– EXPERIENCE we specialise in this
– NEW IDEAS we have a full team of creative marketing minds
– WORKLOAD we work with you to relieve additional pressure
– BUDGET you don’t need large budgets

What We Offer

– One day per month in your business.
– We create 45 video & photo posts – enough content for the month ahead.
– Co-promote content across social – at no additional cost.
– Train your staff on Social Media best practices – sharing knowledge.

How We Do It

– We understand your goals for content.
– Create stories that ‘show’.
– Advise the platforms which work best for your business.
– Work alongside your marketing strategy.
– Dedicate one of our team to manage your account.

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We’ve worked with over 450 clients in the past few years, and specialise in your industry, so you can trust and refer us with confidence.  It’s an incredibly competitive market right now, budgets tight, low season and customers are more considered when spending/investing their earnings.


– Videography
– Photography
– Creative Ideas
– Experience
– Confidence

What Is The Investment?

High Value, Low Cost

I mentioned at the start of this blog post that “quality and quantity” working together simultaneously – consider this… With search engines favouring video 53x higher than other content, and <87% of customers search online when considering where to go, book and buy if you have a library of video content about your business, spread throughout social media, online, websites, industry platforms that is all correctly labelled – it might give you some leadership in your highly competitive industry.

Try this:  Google Travall World and see what we do, and if you’re convinced and you would like to trial video and photo content for your business, let’s discuss.  With our pricing, you might possibly reallocate some budget.

Let's Talk Over a Coffee

Hopefully you’ve been tempted to find out more, if so, I’d personally be delighted to talk through the finer details and psychology of content creation.  As we believe the demand of this offer being high, we may limit this to a certain number of clients where we can guarantee quality and deadlines.

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Thank you for reading and say

Adam Ridgway
Creative Director